We offer several different classes and packages at Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne:

CrossFit: The bread and butter, traditional CrossFit classes, great for strength, power, agility, endurance and a balanced lifestyle.

Condition X: For those who are looking for a more "sweaty" CrossFit endurance style workout. No barbells, less emphasis on pure strength and a longer metcon type of workout. We are currently offering a FREE TRIAL WEEK for anyone who wants to try our Condition X program.

CONTACT US (click here) for more information.

Competitors: Many of our members loves competing in CrossFit, and several of our athletes compete at local, Regionals and Games competitions. This is for those who are proficient in the Olympic Lifts and more advanced gymnastics movements (handstands and muscle ups), and who wish to train 4-6 times per week, twice a day.

Teens: Our CrossFit Teens class puts emphasis on safety, functionality and fun!

Personal Training: We offer a great range of trainers for your individual goals. With extremely competitive pricing and experienced, professional trainers, we won't hesitate to say that we offer the best service anywhere in Melbourne!

Weightlifting: PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS IS NOT CURRENTLY RUNNING! Next class will be on Thursday  3rd March. We run a speciality Weightlifting session every Thursady night at 7pm. This class is open for members ($15) and non-members ($25). Please keep an eye on our Facebook page for weekly updates.



Condition X - Class Information:

FAQ's for ConditionX

ConditionX is a high intensity class designed to get you moving and burning the maximum amount of calories.

It will test you to the limit both physically and mentally. It is inspired by CrossFit, but is without the advanced technical skills associated with barbell and gymnastic movements. This means there is more time for intensity, movement and getting that body leaner. 

Frequently Asked Questions -

Q: Do you need to do any introduction sessions for ConditionX?

A: No. Introductory sessions are not required for ConditionX.

Q: Can I come try a class for free?

A: Yes. Call or email Ben first on 0409 369 748 or email ben@crossfitmelbourne.com.au

Q: Can I go from ConditionX to normal CrossFit classes?

A: Yes, however you will have to do a couple PT's to learn some of the more advanced CrossFit movements first.

Q: If I've done regular CrossFit before and I'm doing ConditionX now, can I go straight into normal CrossFit classes without any PT's first.

A: Yes you can.


Our additional group classes are titled "CrossFit" and "Competitors".

CrossFit classes:

Our CrossFit classes are our tried and tested best method of getting you the fittest and strongest you've ever been, whilst simultaneously getting you in ridiculous shape.

Competitors classes:

The competitors classes will be for those people looking to compete and have the drive to succeed in Crossfit the 'sport'. These classes take serious commitment and training will typically require participants to often attend 2 sessions per day. 

Frequently Asked Questions - 

 Q: Can I compete in CrossFit competition's while training in the regular CrossFit classes?

A: Of course you can.

Q: Which CrossFit class is for me?

A: Everyone starts in the normal CrossFit class or Condition X class and when your ready the coaches will let you know that if you want to, you can now join the Competitors class. You do not have to join that Competitors class if you don't want to.

Some of our best athletes do our normal CrossFit class over the Competitors classes, as it suits their lifetstyle better.


Our membership is a straight forward $209 per month. There is no contract term and it can be cancelled or put on hold at any time.  This entitles you to participate in as many of the group classes as you desire.  We encourage people to come as much as possible to get the best value out of the membership.  The programming is done on a week to week basis and designed so that you can train multiple days in a row.

If you do not wish to sign up to the monthly direct debit membership, you are able to attend classes casually and pay $25 a session for the first week that you attend the classes, and $30 thereafter.  If you plan on participating in 2 or more classes a week, which we would encourage you to, you are certainly better off on the membership.