More than just a gym, but our equipment is awesome too!


Equipment at Schwartz's

5 x GHDs

1 x Reverse hyper (Rogue)

Over 40 Kettle Bells ranging from 8-40kg

30 x Plyo boxes various heights ranging from 14-42 inches

40 x 20kg Male Barbells (including Pendlay, Iron Edge, Again Faster and Bergner and Rippetoe bars)

17 x 15kg Female Barbells

5 x Training Bars

3 x Axle Bars

1 x Football Bar

1 x Trap Bar

1000’s of pounds of bumper plates

Numerous dumbbells ranging from 3kg to 45kg

10 x set of rings

16 x platforms

Chin-up bars for at least 50 people at once

6 x Rogue sleds

8 x climbing ropes

20 x squat stands

25 x ab mats

50 x Dynamax balls ranging from 6-30lbs

10 x Concept 2 rowers

2 x Rogue Prowlers

2 x Large tyres

3 x Ski Ergs

5 x Assault / Airdyne Bikes

1  x Jerk Box

Atlas Stones

Heavy Medballs ranging from 35kg to 75kg

Medballs for slamming ranging from 12kg to 25kg

2 x Rogue Yolks

Sprint bands


2 sets of Farmers Carry Handles

2 x Rogue Yokes

2 x Logs

Heavy Sandbags

5 x Benches

Separate lifting area available for out of class sessions


**And most importantly the most passionate and dedicated coaches.