Tuesday 13th October


a) Back Squat to 10 x 3@ 85%

b) 3 Rounds
600m Row
20 x Strict HSPU
60 x Double Unders
20 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups
2 Mins Rest Between Rounds


a) Back Squat to 5 x 7 @75%
6 x Max HSPU's between sets

b) 3 Rounds
20 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups
100 x Double Unders

7 Mins Rest

EMOM for 10 Mins
4 x Muscle Ups


We are thrilled to offer our members this awesome running workshop on Sunday (18th October) with PAUL MACKINNON! Improve your running stride and efficiency!

The workshop will be held at Dendy Park in Brighton East at 9am (meet at the running track) and it's $10 per person.

We highly recommend this for all our members, both our main CrossFit class and Condition X.

See you there!

REMEMBER - the only class this weekend is Saturday 7am (don't sleep in, get outta bed and train!). No other Saturday or Sunday classes at the gym.