Tuesday 27th October


a) Back Squat to 1RM

b) 3 Rounds
21 x Strict HSPU
14 x Deadlifts (205, 135)
7 x Front Squats (205, 135)

c) Every 2 Mins for 10 Rounds
1 x Full Snatch
1 x Snatch 2 inches from the floor
1 x Hang Snatch


a) EMOM for 10 Mins
1 x Full Clean
1 x Hang Clean
1 x Front Squat

b) 3 Rounds
21 x Handstand Push Ups
14 x Deadlifts (185, 125)
7 x Front Squats (185, 125)

Due to unforeseen circumstances we are no longer able to use Again Faster as our major sponsor at the Schwartz's Challenge this year.

They have and are still helping us as much as they can for this years event. I hope our strong relationship can continue. Again Faster are a massive supporter to the CrossFit community in Australia.

Lucky for us that the Australian Crossfit community is so vibrant and strong that we are lucky enough to bring in another major sponsor this close to the big dance. @AlphaFit have jumped on board to literally save the day and will now be our major equipment sponsor for this year and hopefully for future events.

Lastly, we are all very pumped for this years Challenge and I think the work outs will be the most exciting we have ever had!

Ben Schwartz