Monday 9th November


Rest Day


a) EMOM for 20 Mins
Even Mins - 5 x Strict Press
Odd Mins - 4 to 8 x Strict Chin Ups

b) For 20 Mins -
Even Mins - 10 x Barbell Thrusters (95, 65)
Odd Mins - 15 x KB Swings (24kg, 16kg)

Another epic weekend of competing at this years Schwartz's Crossfit Challange!

There are a lot of people to thank and mention after this weekends events. Sorry, Nath Beves this won't be a short one.

Firstly, the people who put in the most time with no self benefit and have the hardest job over the weekend, the judges. Thank you so much for all your time and effort it is humbling and greatly appreciated. Jordy Milstein, Vitaly Sender, Graeme Beath, Scott Mark, Allan Turner, Ian Creighton, Martin Kurz. Ryan Ryan Koski, Ilona Watkins and Paul Watkins for always being dependable reliable and always making the correct decisions on the floor. Our Two other judges and mr fix everything Paul Galati and Harry Dunlop. Our change crew led by Corey and his helpers Zac Adam Grgurevic, Lez, Natale Matarazzo, Ali Murdoch, Dana Lefkovic, Hannan, Steph and Alyse. Of course Daniel Wearne for everything and everything I asked thank you.

Our event scorers who were on point all day Peter Galey, Daniel Adlerstein plus your assistant Rachel Thomas. All your help is always humbling and truly appreciated.
Mike Beck for being the athlete coordinator and always being on top of the things needed for gathering the athletes.

To our major sponsor and event saver Alphafit the competitors floor had never looked as good as it did this year with your rig. Spectators and athletes loved both the look and feel of the rig and all the other Alphafit gear that was used over the weekend. I can't thank you enough for stepping in like you did at the last moment.
Unbroken Apparel, another major sponsor, one of the best and easiest sponsors we have have ever worked with. Thank you for being so accommodating and helpful through out the event.

NC, Fitness again one of the easiest and most helpful sponsors we've ever had thank you for doing more than you ever signed up for, really appreciate that.
Reebok, thanks for your major support and having you there really helps professionalise the event.
Rig Industry, welcome to being a part of the Schwartz's Challenge for the first time and giving away the best event prize yet in a set of Rig Industry jerk blocks for both the males and female winners of the thruster ladder. 
True Protien, thanks for keeping our athletes nutrition and energy up all weekend.
Tally health, for going above your sponsorship obligations and helping us put even more money in the athletes pockets with the $500 that was given to the male and female winners of Burn Baby Burn.
Rock Tape, for once again being a sponsor at the challenge and attending to the athletes needs.
Bulk Nutrient, thank you for again being part of this event and your continual support.
The Wod Life, for being such an easy and supportive sponsor, always supplying guests with the biggest range of products.
21,15,Nine, thanks for your support the colour and vibe you bring and the extra $500 cash that went to the winner of Fast and the Furious 15.
Concept 2, for the supply and assistance with your rowers. 
Body Spanner, for your sponsorship and your treatment all weekend of our athletes.
VFA, thanks for help treating our athletes.
Benjamin Roufail, from Bayside Chiropractor for being the best at what you do and always doing all you can to support this event.
McLean Sound, for your music and sound all weekend thank you.
Matthew Townsend, thanks for being the best photographer in the business.
Sean Ickowicz, for all your help leading into the weekend.
Thanks to Dennis Coleman, for his watches as prizes and to Oakley sunglasses for their prizes. 
Lululemon, for once again supporting this event and athletes in every way you can and looking good as you do it.

Thanks to Kim Pedersen, for managing the games site.
Erin and Alexi for doing an outstanding job all weekend. Especially with me barking orders all weekend, I truly thank you.

A big thank you to Sonia de Rose and Claudia de Rose as the event organises who did an amazing job with everything this weekend. I can't endorse them enough if you are looking to host a CrossFit event or any other event. These are the girls to speak to definitely.

To my beautiful and amazing wife, I can never thank you enough for being you. An amazing person, wife and mother who gets this show up and running behind the scenes.
Finally the athletes, I can never thank you enough for coming from all over Australia and New Zealand and spending your hard earned money to be a part of this event. I do not take that sacrifice and commitment lightly and really appreciate it. I hope you had an amazing weekend, I know it's biases coming from me but I do believe they were the most exciting work outs we have ever had at the challenge. I thank you for putting on a wonderful show for the audience. I was surprised how well you all copped with these challenging work outs, much better then I anticipated.
Congratulations to the winners and place getters. Ruth Horrell, Brandon Swan, Justine Beath, Zeke Grove, Stephanie Ortiz and Mitchell Sinnamon.

I'm sure you will all be pushing for world games qualifying spots come next May.

I'm proud of the $16,000 worth of cash we gave away to the winners and hope that can grow again for next year.

Signing off till next year.

Ben Schwartzs