Tuesday 29th March


a) 5 Rounds

21 x Calorie Row

15 Calorie Assault Bike

9 x Cal Ski Erg

b) Overhead Squat to 9, 6, 3RM

c) 3 Rounds

7 x Medball to Shoulders

3 x Legless Rope Climbs (thick rope)

60m Prowler



a) Every 2 Mins for 10 Rounds

1 x Power Clean & Split Jerk

1 x Power Clean & Split Jerk

b) 5 Rounds

5 x Power Clean & Jerks (80kg, 50kg)

10 x Back Squats (80kg, 50kg)

c) 5 Rounds - not for timme

8 x Push Press (135, 95)

8 x Strict Toes to Bar

16 x Pistols

"Condition X"

a) 10 Rounds

Min 1 - Max Calorie Airdyne

Min 2 - Rest

b) 4 Rounds

500m Row

12 x Strict Knee Raises

15 x DB Thrusters

35 x Double Unders

Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne have four individuals and two teams who have qualified to the Pacific Regionals in Wollongong!

Awesome effort by everyone involved, and congrats to Jordan Bender, Mitch Sinnamon and Jaime Goodwin (Penny Kemp also qualified individually, but is looking to compete in teams) who will take on the individual stage!

Both teams qualified in top 20, which means we'll have three individuals and two teams competing - congrats everyone!