Thursday 31st March


a) Every 6 Mins for 5 Rounds
500m Row
10 x Alternate DB Full Snatches (32.5kg, 22.5kf)
60m Farmers Carry

b) EMOM for 20 Mins
Min 1 - 18/13 x Calorie Assault Bike
Min 2 - 13m Unbroken Handstand Walk

c) Snatch Balance to 3RM in 12 Mins


a) Every 2 Mins for 10 Rounds
3 x Full Snatches

Every 10 Mins for 3 Rounds
24 x Wall Balls (unbroken)
12 x Power Snatches
6 x Bar Muscle Ups

"Condition X"

a) 150 x Lunges
20 x Mountain Climbers at start of every minute

b) 5 Rounds
1 Min x KB Swings
1 Min x Rest

c) Every 11 Mins for 3 rounds
1km Row
800m Run



Squat cleans and toes to bar.