Thursday 14th April


a) Pause Back Squat to 7 x 5

b) "Helen" (on treadmill)

10 Mins Rest

2 Rounds

800m Run

21 x KB Swings

15 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

c) 6 Rounds

10 x Alternate DB Full Snatches (32.5kg, 22.5kg)

50 x Double Unders


a) 3 Rounds

10 x Power Cleans (185, 125)

15 x Strict HSPU

20 x Pistols

b) 15 10 5

Thrusters (135, 95)

Bar Muscle Ups

"Condition X"

a) 35 Min AMRAP

15 x Pull Ups

400m Run

15 x Burpees

300m Row

b) 10 to 1

Toes to Rings

30 x Mountain Climbers between sets

**Always wanted to try CrossFit and see what it's all about, but too nervous to take the step in the gym?**

Our OnRamp program is the perfect stepping stone to start at Schwartz's CrossFit Melbourne.

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Tuesday 19th April, at 7pm, we'll be running the next OnRamp course and it's open to all fitness levels!

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