Friday 30th October


a) Back Squat to 5RM

b) 5 Rounds
5 x Hang Power Cleans (225, 135)
5 x Strict Deficit HSPU (2 x 45lb plates)
20 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

c) EMOM for 10 Mins
3 x Power Snatches (same weight)


a) Deadlift to 5 x 5
Bench Press to 5 x 5

b) WOD
1km Row
100 x Double Unders
30 / 20 x Muscle Ups
100 x Double Unders
1km Row


Seven years after they both competed at the CrossFit Games, Commando Steve and Chris Hogan will have a re-match at the Challenge! 

Steve has not competed at Regionals level for several years, and Chris narrowly missed out this year - how will they stack up against the new brigade of up and coming youngsters?

Chris Hogan
The Games 2009 - 31st
The Games 2010 - 26th
The Games 2011 - 17th

Steve Willis
The Games 2009 - 4th