Wednesday 25th May

"Competitors & Crossfit"

a) 30 Mins Gymnastics Skills

b) Partners

4 x 400m Run (alternating)

Straight into

4 x 500m Row (alternating)

"Condition X"

a) 5 Rounds

0-2 Mins - 75m Prowler

2-4 Mins - 75m Sled

4-6 Mins - 25 x Burpees

6-8 Mins - 30 x Calories on Airdyne

8-10 Mins - Rest

It is with heavy hearts that Schwartz Crossfit Melbourne has made the tough decision to withdraw from the 2016 World CrossFit Games.

To dispel any rumours, this is definitely not the result of failed drug tests. You saw the size of our boys and girls.

This decision was driven by the athletes: KieranSammyTimDaniel,AndrewJordanMalloryAshleePennyJaime & Renae.

The reasons are complex, personal and difficult to detail in a FB post. Scheduling, financial constraints and prior commitments led an experienced list (familiar with the commitment required) down this path.

We want everyone to know that the team is united in this decision and support each other 100%. We are committed to the gym more than ever and are proud to finish the 2016 season with a podium finish at the Pacific regionals.

Thank you everyone for your support. We feel blessed to have represented you all and can't wait to do you proud in season 2017. Training starts tomorrow.

*cue Arnold Schwarzenegger voice*
We'll be back. ‪#‎team17‬