Tuesday 3rd May


a) DB Shoulder Press to 3 x 8

b) 5 Rounds

400m Run

16 x Chest to Bar Pull Ups

7 Mins Rest

100 x Double Unders

45 sec rest

16 x Muscle Ups

50 x Double Unders

30 sec rest

8 x Muscle Ups

c) EMOM for 10 Mins

3 x Front Squats


a) 0 to 20 Mins

10 to 1

Power Clean & Jerks (155, 105)

Toes to Bar

GHD Situps

25 to 45 Mins

Min 1 - Full Clean & Jerk

Min 2 - 3 x Muscle Ups

"Condition X"

a) 3 Rounds - 4 Min AMRAP's - 2 Mins Rest Between Sessions

Station 1 - 20 x Calorie Assault Bike

Max Wall Balls remaining time

Station 2 - 30 x KB Deadlifts

Max Overhead Walking Lunges

Station 3 - 50 x Double Unders

Max Cal Ski Erg

We are always trying to improve your experience and make Schwartz's a better place for you to train.

As of this Wednesday we will be introducing Muay Thai / Kickboxing classes into our class schedule.

These classes can be mixed into your normal training week or as an alternative to the gymnastic and active recovery day.

With quiet a few different classes available it can be a bit confusing in terms of which classes are suitable for you and your goals. If you feel like this or ever do in the future, please ask to speak to Ben and he will help guide you in the right direction for what you are after.

Classes will be on:

Wed 6,7, 9am and 5,6 and 7pm
Sunday 9am.