Wednesday 4th May


a) Rest Day


a) 30 Mins Gymnastics Skills

b) 3 Rounds

200m Run

500m Row

200m Run

20/15 x Calorie Assault Bike

200m Run

15/12 x Calorie Ski Erg

200m Run

Prowler there and back

"Condition X"

a) 5 Rounds

Min 1 - Prowler there and back

Min 2 - 15/10 x Burpees

Min 3 - Max Reps Strict Pull Ups

Min 4 - 20 x Straight Legged Situps

b) 5 Rounds

1 Min Plank

15 x Toes to Rings

c) Tabata Air Squats

1 Min Rest

Tabata Mountain Climbers

It's coming together!