Thursday 5th May


a) Front Squat to 5 x 5

b) 21 Min EMOM

Min 1 - 20/15 x Calorie Row

Min 2 - 50 x Double Unders

Min 3 - 15m Handstand Walk

c) Snatch Balance to 3RM


a) WOD

1km Row

100 x Wall Balls (20, 14)

10 x Rope Climbs

500m Row

50 x Wall Balls

5 x Rope Climbs

b) EMOM for 20 Mins

2 x Power Snatches

"Condition X"

a) 20 to 2 x KB Swings

20 to 2 x Box Jumps

b) In Pairs

200 x Calories on Airdyne

Alternate every 20 cal for me, 10 for women


- Saturday classes will change to:
8:00 and 9:00am with the work shop at 10am.
- optional strength will be at 8:00-8:45 and those can then do the class at 9am. (however this week there will be no strength before class)
- kickboxing / Muay Thai classes are:
Wed 6,7,9am and 5,6,7pm &
Sunday 9am.