10 rds
Every 2 min
4 x pause back squats (2 seconds at the bottom)
Max strict hspu each set, straight after squats

- two options for athletes, go as long as possible and when they fail go to an amrap. 
(They should record how far they lasted during Chelsea and then total rds.)
- otherwise you can scale them from the beginning. For example below:
3 x pull ups
6 x push ups
12 x squats
- up to the coach how they want to scale athletes. However DON'T use bands for pull ups it will be to slow and won't be able to stay on the minute. Instead maybe use ring rows or scale back to one or two pull ups each rd.

Optional accessories
3-5 rds
3-5 x muscle ups
10 x one arm rows (each arm)
5-15 x ghr
20 x band pull aparts